PLEASE NOTE:   The doctors at Dunedin North Medical Centre are only taking on the following new patients:

As a family practice we support other family members of current patients enrolling with us.
Please contact us if you have family members who would like to enrol.

If you are new to the city or have moved to the north end, we welcome your enrolment.

For all others please contact WellSouth Enrolment Support Services on 0800 478 256 for help in finding a GP locally.


To ‘enrol’ is choosing to register as a regular patient with one medical centre.

Your doctors visits are subsidised by the government at the medical centre you choose to enrol with. Therefore if you visit a doctor in a medical centre where you are not enrolled it will be more expensive.

In order to enrol with Dunedin North Medical Centre you must meet the Ministry of Health’s eligibility criteria. Please check with a reception staff member to find out if you are eligible for government funded healthcare in New Zealand. If you are not eligible for government funded health care we can still register you as a regular patient but we cannot enrol you and therefore the full cost of the visit is to be met by you, the patient.

The benefits of enrolling with one medical centre include receiving on-going care with one doctor (or doctors who work together) and consultations at a reduced rate making health care more accessible. You will also receive the benefits of being enrolled in the WellSouth Primary Health Organisation (PHO) such as access to free or subsidised health programmes.

Dunedin North Medical Centre is a member of the WellSouth Primary Health Organisation (PHO). By enrolling with us you are also enrolling with the WellSouth PHO. The PHO receives funding from the government which it distributes to medical centres to subsidise consultations and other services for enrolled patients.

To enrol with Dunedin North Medical Centre we require you to provide photographic identification and complete a double sided form. We may also  require proof of your eligibility for government funded healthcare, usually by sighting your passport and/or visa.

Payment of an administration fee, $13.00 per person (maximum $52.00 for families), at the time of enrolment is required to initiate the process.