Flu vaccine available from April 1st

Supplies of 2019 influenza vaccine will be here at Dunedin North Medical Centre from April 1st.

Please remember an appointment is essential. Many have been patiently waiting and watching for it (thank you), so we expect to be very busy and appointments may not be immediately available.

If you are over 65 years of age, it is free. Other people with certain medical conditions may also be eligible for a free vaccine. Please check with your doctor or a nurse if you think you may be eligible.

The cost of this vaccine for people who aren’t eligible is $30.00. You need to allow 20 minutes waiting time after you have had the vaccination so please take this into consideration when booking your appointment.

Children aged 6 months to under 9 years who are receiving the influenza vaccine for the first time should receive two doses four weeks apart for a better immune response.

Shingles vaccine (Zostavax) can be given with your flu shot. It’s not suitable for everyone and this will be discussed with the nurse at your appointment. Please tell us if you would like both when booking your 15 minute nurse appointment.



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