New Zealanders love to travel, and expect to enjoy their overseas trip! Staying healthy is a vital part of that enjoyment and your doctor and practice nurse want to help with that.

Doctor Craig Pelvin at Dunedin North Medical Centre is an authorised Yellow Fever vaccinator.
For more details visit:    Yellow Fever

World Health Organisation guidelines recommend that travellers visit their health professional 6-8 weeks prior to departure. This allows time to properly consider any possible health risks associated with the places they are visiting, the activities planned, or their underlying health. It also allows the necessary time for vaccination schedules to be completed as some vaccines require multiple doses at set intervals to give protection.

Please find more details about some significant health challenges for travellers on related Dunedin North Medical Centre webpages.

Your doctor and practice nurse work together to plan vaccinations, medications and advise on other travel related issues such as your travel first aid kit. In the first instance please book a half hour Travel Consultation appointment with your doctor.

Before attending the Travel Consultation please print off and complete the Travel Medical Questionaire.

PDF Travel Medical Questionnaire

Please be sure to bring it with you to the consultation.
Hard copies of the Travel Medical Questionnaire can be obtained from Dunedin North Medical Centre Reception

Fees for travel consultations:   Dunedin North Medical Centre Enrolled Patients – $98.00                                                                                                                             Casual Patients – $109.00

Please Note: It is expected that travel vaccines are paid for when ordered.